This solution I created is temporarily called the PPW (chosen Pairs permutation with Parity and orientation Windows) method. This is a method entirely dominated by CE-PAIR and its permutation. Fascinating features are:

  • It is carried out by bundling the corner and the edge into the pair.
  • Unify the entire solution by the move of interchanging pairs.
  • When observing the U layer, only the shape of the first 4 pairs is required, and their positions can be placed at will.
  • Provide special observation facelets-Orientation Windows, which can simply judge the twisting orientation of the U layer corner in what state the way of bundling into a pair can continue.
  • Provides a symbol system for the change of U layer corners based on Orientation Windows, which has the prospect.
  • There is a wider range for the completion goal of twisting the U layer corner, and the twist orientation of one of the corners is completely ignored, which greatly reduces the difficulty of twisting the U layer corner, and throws the problem to the intuitive bundling way as much as possible.
  • After completing 6 pairs, bundle them into blocks to complete the entire cube.

If you want to make it almost like bundling blocks when solving a Rubik's Cube, hopefully this method will satisfy your desire.