About me

Tsung-Yen Wu (吳宗諺) is currently a junior high school math teacher in Taiwan.

I created the PRUM method of Rubik's Cube in 2018. One day I suddenly felt that the last move was very beautiful. I have an idea to use permutation parity to do it. The pairs can be freely placed and observed, and in the end, all the pieces need to be combined to solve Rubik's Cube. This idea seems to have never been done before, so the 6PP method was created in 2021.

But then I felt that the 6PP method was somewhat unsatisfactory. One day I accidentally felt the existence of Orientation Windows, and I was surprised that the color observed on Orientation Windows would not be affected by the permutation parity of the pair. Also, when I created the 6PP method, I knew the special selection method of pairs, and I thought it was a very eye-catching thing. God should have a purpose for such a thing to exist, but after creating the 6PP method, it did not play at the most critical step, and it is not commensurate with its brilliance. That seemed to miss God's intention, and it was this belief that kept me going. Also, using 5 pairs to observe permutation parity is really not easy, and you can place pairs randomly seem to be overdoing it.

Therefore, the PPW method was created.

Although there is a PPW method, the PRUM, 6PP method is still retained, mainly to show how a concept is formed.

Thank God for the gift.