Complete 6PAIRs


Stage 1





Select the option on the left that is the same as the twist orientation of your Hub Corner and see which edges to match, and move the positions of the edges to be matched to the figure of the previously selected option, while still maintaining the goal of the previous step in the end.

Stage 2
If the option A or B is selected, use move sequence R' U', if the option C or D is selected, use U' R' to complete the 6PAIRs as shown on the right, where the silver center represents the F face, and the black center represents the U face.

Some Glue Moves

The Glue Move here will not change the twist orientation and position of all corners in the end.

In the following figure, the silver area represents the position of the edges that will not change in the end,

Move to the U layer

Adjust on the U layer

How to complete the stage 1 of the goal

For two matching edges in stage 1 of the goal.

If the matching edge is still not in the correct position, it is edge α, and by the U face rotation, one of the above Glue Moves conforms to the following conditions

  • Edge α should be in its magenta area.
  • If another matching edge is in the correct position, that edge is in its silver area.
  • The correct position of the edge α to be adjusted should be at the end of the arrow.

Then use this Glue Move to turn the edge α to the correct position

Use the this skill to move the two matching edges in stage 1 of the goal to the correct positions respectively.

During the process, if a matching edge that is in the correct position, another matching edge that is not in the correct position and its correct position to be adjusted, these three positions are at the same time in the pink position shown on the right,
then you can't get all the matching edge in the correct position at once.
Avoid this state by U face rotation and S2' move first to let the matching edge that is not in the correct position go to U layer and also keep the edges that are already in the correct position still in the correct position.