Build the base stage

EO and make 4 pairs

Here F face is orange or red, U face is yellow or white, and R face is blue or green.

First adjust the orientation of all edges, so that all edges can be solved only by R, U, D, L face rotations. There are detailed explanations in ZZ method by Zbigniew Zborowski, so I won't repeat them here.

After doing EO, you can only do R, U, D, L rotations and any 2's turns (F2, B2, S2, E2, M2, …)

Make the following 4 pairs, it doesn't matter which one is done first

These 4 pairs are referred to as "Base 4PAIRs" for short, as long as Base 4PAIRs are moved into the shape as shown on the right to observe, the position can be placed at will, where the silver center represents the F face, and the black center represents the U face.

All the following steps are restricted to use only R, U, D, L face rotations and any 2's turns, and cannot break any pair of Base 4PAIRs.

Preview the pair that will be made in the future

In the future, one pair of or will be made, as well as this pair, these two pairs together with Base 4PAIRs are referred to as "6PAIRs", and can not break any pair of 6PAIRs under "6PAIRs".

The original position of 6PAIRs on the cube will be the one on the right, but this method does not need to be placed in the original position after any pair is made.

I will choose 6PAIRs with such a strange relative position. It is not intentionally funny, but it is supported by theory, and it must be selected in this way to gain benefits. Base 4PAIRs and 6PAIRs are those that need to be remembered, and the theory does not need to be understood.

Name of each part of stage

After making Base 4PAIRs, there are still 4 corners that are not used.
Base 4PAIRs do two more pairs to complete 6PAIRs, two more corners need to be used, among which is called "Hub Corner", is called "Dog Tail Corner"
The other 2 corners that do not belong to 6PAIRs are called "Remaining 2Corners"